Saturday, July 17, 2010

a quick entry to let you know i'm still alive. sorry it's been a minute - things have been seriously nuts around here lately. a few bullet points from the past couple weeks:

- korean monsoon season is in full swing. it's a little depressing! these grey days make you want to stay in bed all day long.
- i've made it through my first official semester of teaching...woohoo! it was definitely rough at times, but i expect next semester to be much better. more on that soon.
- things were tough the past few weeks. they're still not easy but i've gained the determination to push through and overcome the difficult circumstances.
- starting monday, i am looking at 3 weeks of elementary english camp - grades K-6. the students have a miserably low english level and i will have no korean coteacher. i'm having a difficult time planning but i'm up to the challenge. good thing too...cause it will definitely be a challenge.
- within the next 2 weeks, i am also moving to another part of the city. there seems to have been a big mix-up with the housing and i will be taking a roommate for (hopefully) a short time. we'll see what happens. korea is teaching me to roll with the punches.
- about 15 new teachers arrive here from the states next week. keep them in your prayers. it can be a really difficult transition, but i think they can handle it!
- i'm 3 weeks away from india and couldn't be any more ready!
- i recently learned how to make paper cranes. that might not be the most important detail from the past few weeks, but it makes me feel a little accomplished.

and finally, the most important thing i've learned from the past few weeks is this: life is much easier when you're not going it alone. my friends have been absolute lifesavers the past month or so, and i'm honestly not sure if i could have stuck it out if it weren't for their support. the past weeks have seen many tears but my friends have been faithful and i have the utmost gratitude for them. don't take this stuff for granted! well!


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