Wednesday, July 28, 2010

another quick entry.
i'm currently sicker than a dog with what is presumed to be a really bad case of food poisoning. this is the end of day 5 and i have no real relief in sight. i've been to the hospital twice and gotten 2 different rounds of prescriptions, but i'm afraid that there might be an underlying problem that has yet to be treated. most doctors in korea speak good english, so language isn't a barrier. however, their methods of diagnosis and treatment are completely different from what americans are used to, and honestly, seem quite non-sensical and frustrating to me at the present.
i honestly don't think i have ever been this sick in my life. i haven't been able to hold down food for almost 6 days now, with the exception of bread, crackers, & rice. i am doing my best to stay hydrated with lots of water and some gatorade. my friends have been real life-savers and i might have literally died without their help this week. the timing of this illness is ultimately the worst as i have missed 3 days of a summer camp that i am pretty much in charge of, am moving to a new apartment tomorrow, have another summer camp next week, and am scheduled to fly to india in a week and a half. that said, i have to recover as soon as possible! prayers are appreciated!


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