Monday, May 30, 2011

i have no idea if anyone still reads this blog. just in case, i'll give you a quick 30-second update on the happenings of the latest month and a half.

on easter sunday, i packed a few bags, kissed my parents goodbye, and moved from ohio to tennessee. a couple of weeks in, i landed a great job at my alma mater. its exactly what i was looking for. i feel like my boss is really taking a chance on me (being so young and all) but i am trying my hardest and hope i don't let anyone down. it's great being back on the campus i spent 4 years of my life on as a student. now with the unemployment issue handled, i am on the lookout for nearby housing. up til now, my friends have so graciously opened their doors to me and i am infinitely grateful for it. nashville is the greatest place on earth.

with one door opened (employment), many have been least for the time being. it's bittersweet - knowing i am establishing myself in one {great} place, but also that this is keeping me from going other places. since returning to the states, i've been consistently researching options to return to korea, but that won't be happening for several years now. being an adult and making major life decisions is a terrifying experience. i was extremely ill-prepared for this.

it's about 3 million degrees in TN currently so i will be spending my memorial day tomorrow at the lake with friends, soaking up the sun (obviously, this will be preceded by breakfast at cracker barrel) and fighting off cicadas. if you don't know about the current nashville/cicada phenomena, please read about it HERE and be terrified.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

if you're short on time or don't like to read, here is a reader's digest version of my story in 4 minutes. special thanks to the media team at grove city nazarene church for their work on the video, which was shown in mother's day weekend services. to watch, CLICK HERE.