Sunday, November 13, 2011

hello friends.
i hope that all of you are well, enjoying the cooler weather, and anticipating the holidays with loved ones.
things have been busy here the past couple of months with my brother coming, our spending as much time as possible together, and his quick, unexpected departure. yes, just as quickly as he came, he has now gone.

hyun-bae's school in TN wasn't really fitting his educational needs quite as well as we had hoped. it's a good program, but we found a better one for him in new england. last week, he made the move. of course, it was a sad going-away, but we know that this is a good decision that will open better opportunities for his bright future.
sometimes the right choice is the hardest one.

i hope you will enjoy these pictures from our past few months together...
twins. lots of homemade meals, reflecting both korean & american culture.nashville exploration saturdays.hyun-bae's first pumpkin carving.hyun-bae & i had our chance to be "real" siblings these past few months, complete with {multilingual} fights and arguments and all of the other stuff that comes with siblinghood. but i think we would both agree: this november, we are thankful for these opportunities we have had to be together -- something we missed out on for 23 years.


scatterbrainliz said...

Thanks for the update, Whitney!!!

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