Sunday, October 2, 2011

everyone has been asking me, "are you still blogging?"
the answer is "yes...if i can ever find the time!"
life has been absolutely crazy around here lately, but i have to say - i'm really enjoying the ride. i promise a real blog post here sometime in the semi-near future.
i just wanted to post a quick couple of lines to commemorate a special anniversary. 1 year ago today, i had the insane opportunity to reunite with my birth family after a 24 year separation. i never would have guessed that i would get that chance in my lifetime, yet here i am now, 1 year later, with my brother here in nashville with me!
from this experience i have learned 2 things:
1) never say never.
2) life is completely unpredictable!
happy anniversary, jeon family! ♥


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