Monday, August 2, 2010

breaking away from the depressing tone which has become the norm for this blog, i bring good news.
you are not alone.

tonight i was digging through some archived podcasts and found a sermon from rob bell @ mars hill bible church in michigan. it was originally delivered almost 8 months ago, but i hadn't found the time to give it a listen yet. i am so glad i took the time tonight. the title was "blessed are the persecuted" and the base text came from the beatitudes found in the gospel of matthew. the message was simple, really, but as always, rob found a great way to bring it to my level and break it down in a way i could understand. i won't preach the sermon to you, but the long and short is this:

crappy times come. it's a part of life. people will lie about you. people will say terrible things to you and about you. people will turn others against you. but in that time, when you think you can't go on, God gives a promise to meet us there. exactly when you feel like you are all alone in the world, you're not. God comes and gives grace and mercy, which in return, we give to others.

in the good times, you're not alone. in the bad times, you're not alone. when life brings frustration and chaos, rejoice and be glad! as rob says, "leap much!" the savior promises companionship and blessing. take heart. rejoice.

live thankfully.


Anonymous said...

Whitney... just to let you know how another seasoned teacher feels about you.

"You support me as an educator and fellow human being with your prayers and your organizational skills."

"I'm so proud of you for going half way around the world give yourself to others."

"You are one of the most selfless and compassionate people I've ever met"

"I appreciate and care you as a person and a fellow Christian."

I hope you are gaining strength and health physically and spiritually each day. If you want to read more about someone who lived through an extended "Dark night of the Soul" Google St. John of the Cross.

Have a great time in India,

Ms. B

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