Saturday, August 7, 2010

11am saturday here in south korea. which means john & i will begin our journey to india in 19 short hours. we shared breakfast this morning and noted that neither of us have fully comprehended this yet. we've yet to start packing. i've yet to actually get my backpack out to even put clothes in. procrastination is one of my worst traits.

regarding my health, i'm still sick 15 days into this thing. i thought i was improving, then got miserably sick at work yesterday and thought i might die before i made it back to my apt. so i've gone back to the bread/rice/cracker only diet in hopes of being able to survive india. it's a crying shame since indian food is so delicious, but i think i'd rather make it back alive than enjoy a plate of curry and nan. and that's saying something - if you've only met me once, you know how much i fully appreciate food of any sort.

please keep us in your prayers these next 10 days. we'll be traveling countless hours via bus, train, plane, and taxi. india will be about 3,000 degrees everyday. our stomachs are weak. our computers are staying in korea, so there will be no updates directly from india. hopefully we will return with awesome stories about new delhi & the taj mahal & how our stomachs were miraculously healed on the flight over! :)


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