Sunday, June 27, 2010

short blog post today...things have been busy around cheonan lately!

however, i wanted to let you know that our summer vacation plans have been finalized...and we purchased our plane tickets to visit india for 10 days in august! if the ticket-buying is any indication, we're in for a real adventure. hahaha. (one night this week, i spent 3 hours on a 100% korean website trying to work out the itinerary. by the end, i thought my brain was going to explode from taking in so much korean!) we're really excited but a little overwhelmed with all of the planning still left to do. fortunately, my friends there have been a life-saving contact and are helping us out big time! the flight is a little pricey, but once we arrive in india, everything will seem dirt-cheap to us. has anyone visited india? any suggestions of must-see attractions?

i'm glad to report that, while not yet to 100%, i'm feeling much better these days. i finally went to see a doctor last week (which i should have done about 3 weeks earlier), and the medicine has helped me a lot. thanks for all of your thoughts and concern! this week saw me back to my normal self & running around like a chicken with my head cut off. hahaha. typical, right? but i promise not to revert back 100% to the former ways - at least 2 nights a week, i'm taking time for myself to rest up! this week saw some quality time with other american teachers - something i have been deeply deprived of. i told you that the KNU students have all returned to their hometowns, so sadly, i can't see them 1/4 as much as i'd like to! but we try to work out meetings - this week one came to see me @ KNU for dinner/coffee, and i traveled 1.5 hr by subway to visit another for dinner/korean karaoke! i cherish my dear friends here.

this week will be crazy as i just found out that i have an open class next tuesday. that means the principal/VP/school administrators/other teachers will all come to watch me teach for a period. it's terribly unnerving - and since i am the only foreign teacher, the place is guaranteed to be packed out. i also found out that my open class has to be 6th grade - not my preference! anything can happen. this week will see tons of lesson planning/prep/practice/etc. probably gonna be ready to scream more than once. think of me!

if you are a korean or american (or maybe both, like me!), my deepest condolences on the recent world cup losses. for you americans, at least you weren't here to watch the games - my friends stayed up all night to see korea play @ 11pm and u.s. @ 3am - and both ended in losses. heartbreaking! (i was sound asleep for both, obviously!)

everyone, be well!



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