Tuesday, February 2, 2010

we are at the end of TESOL (teaching english to speakers of other languages) training day #2 and we are all hoping that we will make it. 4 weeks is relatively short but it seems so loooong when you are in the middle of it. we are attending classes everyday M-F from 9:30a-5p. it's pretty intensive with plenty of note-taking, homework, lesson planning, and project presenting to do. we pretty much feel like we're back in college. i probably won't have alot to share in the month of february since we are all pretty exhausted by the end of everyday. by the time we get back, have dinner, and do some homework, we're ready for bed! pretty lame.

since i don't have any long stories to share, i figured i would throw out some random tidbits that didn't quite fit in any of the previous posts & get some things out of the way...

first, i'll say that korean culture is always fluid, constantly changing. there are always spur of the moment schedule adjustments and spontaneous things that come up. anyone who knows me, knows that this is NOT at all my personality! it stresses me out so badly. hahaha. maybe this is one of the things i will learn this year: how to be fluid and adapt. anyways, all that to say, nothing is concrete here. it would seem...not even addresses! as far as i have seen, there isn't one standard way to address something. so i think there are many ways to get things mailed here, but just to be safe, here is my "official" address. at least for this week!

Whitney Casey
Special District of International Education
Korea Nazarene University (Attn: Jenny Kim)
#117 Faith Hall (Miteumgwan)
456 Ssangyong-dong Seobukgu Cheonan City Choongnam
331 718 South Korea

next, i can't wait to get a cell phone. none of the new teachers are able to get one since we don't have our alien registration cards yet. we are all going crazy! i do think, though, that since we are so anxious to have one again, we were probably too attached and a month long break is healthy for us. it's kind of pathetic how dependent we are upon modern technology...no one more so than me. however, cell phones do serve their purpose. for example, this past weekend, john & i were shopping at a mall in yawoori, an area that is about a 20 min bus ride from KNU campus. this was definitely the most confusing mall i have ever been in, with about a bajillion floors that each had different sub floors...basically an impossible maze. while we were in the mall, we got separated and couldn't find each other for anything. we're talking like 45min-an hour of just riding up and down so many different escalators. i was so incredibly frustrated. this is an instance when cellphones would have been helpful.

have i mentioned the heating system here? i think i have but i'll just reinforce how awesome it is. all of the floors are heated, which makes a great deal of sense since heat rises. in addition, it makes getting up in the morning a much more pleasant experience. who wouldn't prefer stepping out of bed onto a nice heated floor, as opposed to some cold linoleum or hardwood? i hear this type of heating also exists in the states, though i have never experienced it. in my opinion, america should seriously consider making this practice more widespread. it might make everyone alot happier in morning rush hour traffic. just saying...it's a good way to start out the day.

finally, i'd like to say that i am really amazed by how many people have been keeping up with this blog. family, friends, family friends, friends' families, and people i don't even know. wow-thank you! i really don't know why you would want to read this, but i am flattered by your patronage and hope i don't disappoint. i am so glad to be able to share this experience with you. there really is nothing like being able to get completely out of your comfort zone to see a different culture. i would recommend it to anyone.

and if you are reading this, leave me some feedback! questions, comments, criticisms...i'm open to it all. i think there is even a way to leave anonymous feedback (but maybe not). facebook me, email me...whatever. i want to be able to keep up on your lives as well. i'm seriously out of the loop now that i live 8000 miles away, so send me all the latest news!

i love you guys!


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