Thursday, February 4, 2010

to put it lightly, TESOL is killing us. the course is much more intensive than any of us ever dreamed, so we weren't mentally prepared for all that is being thrown at us. we have ALOT of work in a short period of time...all while still adjusting to living in an absolutely foreign place (and for some, still getting over jetlag). we end everyday exhausted from information overload and stressed out til we cry. literally. hahaha. please pray for our endurance, but also that we would remember that we are expected to do our best in all things, working as though directly for the Lord. this is hard to remember when it's late at night and we just want to be finished with our lesson plans. 8 of us have our first graded teaching practice tomorrow (pass/fail)...i hope nobody faints or totally freaks!

on top of the craziness and chaos of TESOL, today i got the news that i have gotten an additional school. so i will be teaching at 2 schools, instead of just 1. another perfect example of how things ALWAYS change in korea. never write in pen, because you will always need to scratch it out. i have no idea how i got to be the chosen one to get 2 schools, as the only other teachers who have 2 schools are at least second-year...and are all males?! everyone held their breath when our KNU liaison told me about the 2nd school, knowing the stress we are all currently under and expecting me to break out into tears. i handled it surprisingly well. i know i will not be given more than i can handle, and trust that there is a reason i need to be at this 2nd school. it will mean a heavier workload and will double the amount of students i see weekly from a couple hundred to...ALOT. but i think i can handle it.

today, we received our alien registration cards. it was very exciting. we are now one step closer to getting cell phones. our liaison is working on opening bank accounts for each of us, then we will be able to purchase phones & plans! we are hoping to have everything settled by this time next week. we're all so happy.

i am getting to know all of the other new teachers better and better everyday. and i am enjoying it so much. there are so many personalities, likes and dislikes, quirks, and backgrounds represented in our group. these tough and stressful times are drawing us together so we don't really have a choice but to get really cozy and learn about each other. after a crazy day of class today, and then my finding out about my 2nd school, i had just about had it. so i said, "i NEED some pizza!" this resulted in everybody pitching into buy 10 large pizzas and piling into the common room for some time to relax and wind down before a long night of homework. it was such a great time together, sharing stories & laughing til our sides hurt. i am thrilled to have a year to spend with these folks.

time to rest before my first teaching practice tomorrow. can't wait for the weekend, even though it will be absolutely packed with homework & presentation prep! totally ready for TESOL to be finished and march to bring us the spring and time with our students!

here is my TESOL group...couldn't make it through without each others' support.


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