Friday, February 25, 2011

hiya kiddies. have you been well? i hope, wherever you are, winter is on its way out & spring is headed your direction. i am desperately needing some warmer weather!

i've been busy doing a whole lot of nothing lately. well, that's only partially true. i've been all over the state of ohio trying to find a decent used car...only to come up empty-handed over and over again. it's so frustrating. i really need a good friend who is knowledgable in the realm of automobiles to help me make a well-informed purchase. if you fit that bill and live in ohio, call me!!

besides car shopping, i've been busy catching up with old friends, eating a lot, sleeping a LOT, and job searching. (oh, if you're hiring, call me!) i've also been trying to take advantage of this unemployment by studying korean as much possible. it's been decently productive, but i know i'm still lacking in a huge way. however, i was seriously encouraged this week when i was able to fill up a greeting card with a note to my parents. granted, my handwriting is horrendous, i'm sure it's not perfect, & i know i made some mistakes (note the scratched out spot right in the middle!) but i was so surprised to write it all out, then look back & realize "wow, i could do that pretty easily!" it was the motivator i have been needing lately. (if you speak fluent korean & notice an error, don't tell me! just kidding, of course. i strongly believe in learning from your mistakes. :)

i like to think of it as a reward for my it what you will...but the postman dropped this ginormous box at my door this a.m. it was chock-full of delicious korean goodies from my family! i was more excited than anyone really should have been... thanks omma & appa!

i've mentioned before that my little brother is much more americanized than any other korean i've ever met. during our short time together, he developed a DEEP love for all things peanut butter. hahaha. we are so related, it's not even funny. as peanut butter is decently hard to come by in korea, i shipped these treats out to him this week: hahaha. i hope omma never sees this picture because she'll kick my butt. tons of super unhealthy unkorean of me!

i just realized that this entry was full of pictures of food so i'm gonna go dust off my treadmill now. hahaha. i need an intervention!!

i'll be headed south to visit my dear, dear college friends this next week. i am so looking forward to visiting with them...14 months is far too long to be away from friends who are close as family.

i'll chat with you all again in a few well!


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