Tuesday, December 14, 2010

as i viewed my recent blog stats, i noticed that traffic has really increased from places like other adoption blogs. this made me realize that not all readers personally know me, my story, my personality, etc. therefore, if you are a first time reader to this blog, i beg of you: please do not let your first impression of me be drawn solely from the entry immediately below this one, dated monday, december 13th. in fact, how about you just skip that one for now and come back later to read it? the dec 13th blog was absolutely unlike any other entry i have written this entire year. and while i do think it is important to acknowledge the negative aspects of life in korea, i don't really want those sarcastic quips to be the first thing you "hear" from my mouth. i don't apologize for those statements as they are things i've wanted to verbalize for a year now, but i also don't want you to get the 100% incorrect idea that i hate korea. so what do you say...do we have a deal? :)

in other news, i will be attempting to re-design this blog in the coming days in order to make it easier for you all to navigate. when i first started this a year ago, i didn't really expect anyone but my mom to read it, and honestly, i didn't put a lot of thought or effort into page design. now, a million entries later, many more people than my mom are reading it...and to my great surprise, you all are reading these words from many different countries all over the world. i was first shocked to see this, then extremely grateful & humbled. as a thank you present, i will do my best to make this page easier on the eyes, as well as easier for you to find what you're looking for quickly. any suggestions about things i should keep in mind would be more than welcomed. what would make your visit to this blog more pleasant? how can i make this page easier for you to navigate? what sort of information am i not giving that you're really seeking?

i'm off to settle in for a cozy night with my great friend, rosetta stone.
wish me luck! :)


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