Monday, May 17, 2010

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more birthday party pictures!

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i'm sitting at work on monday afternoon thrilled, but exhausted from a wonderful birthday weekend. i'm a seriously lucky girl to have a ton of awesome friends. my birthday was this past friday, and i had no major plans, which was completely fine with me. i love planning parties for other people on their special days, but i get really awkward when people make a big deal about me, so i was content. on thursday, soo-in asked me to have dinner with her on friday evening to celebrate, and i thought that sounded perfect. little did i know that she was just trying to throw me off the scent. she and a couple of my other really close friends had been conspiring all week to throw me a big DOUBLE surprise birthday bash on friday night. they worked tirelessly every evening planning and organizing and spreading the word, and they managed to pull it off. i was totally surprised (x2!) and the whole evening was awesome.

they broke into my room and totally trashed it - meaning there were homemade decorations hanging everywhere from the ceilings and walls and about 100 balloons floating around. and everyone made me homemade bday cards - my favorite! about 15 of us went out for an awesome dak galbi dinner and they had ordered a killer cake from a local bakery. then we all played a few intense rounds of one of my favorite games - telephone pictionary. if you're not familiar with it...look it up. you won't regret it. always good for a hearty laugh...or a hundred. it's hilarious! i was exhausted by the end of the evening, but so thrilled to have a great evening with some of my friends. huge thanks to john and soo-in and ben for working their butts off to make the evening so successful! i didn't personally take any pictures from the party (by now, you shouldn't be surprised) but a lot of other people did. once i can get my hands on them, i'll update the post with a few shots.

yesterday, john & i decided to travel to seoul for a huge festival that was taking place. we spent ALOT of time on the subway. this friday is buddha's bday (an official holiday here in korea...everyone gets the day off work) so we visited a few of the traditional temples that were all decked out for the occasion. they were really, really beautiful.there were a million of these paper lanterns everywhere you looked. so pretty.then we went to a huge lotus lantern festival and ended the evening with a ginormous paper lantern parade. it was extravagant and awesome, but we were seriously exhausted. i took these few pictures with my point and shoot, but john captured some awesome shots with his canon. once they are edited and ready to be unveiled you can see them here first! :)

so it was pretty much my favorite korean birthday weekend ever. i was exhausted by the time we got off the subway after 11pm and had to get up for work @ 6:30 the next morning, but it was 100% worth it! :) this friday, all of the teachers in my program will be taking a cultural trip to icheon, a historic city about 2.5 hrs from us by bus. more to come on that next time!


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