Tuesday, April 27, 2010

** disclaimer: this post may not be for the faint of heart or those with weak gag reflexes. or fanatical dog-lovers. also, as always, i claim no ownership for these pictures. thanks to all of my friends who continuously allow me to steal their shots while i drop the photography ball. **

here's a quick mid-week post to address all of the questions i have recently received about my dog-eating ways. i did indeed have my first experience on sunday night. the best way i can describe it is: bizarre. i didn't really know what to expect, but we ordered it cooked 2 different ways: roasted meat & soup. here's the soup, which was really more like meat and vegetables in a thin broth:
and the roasted meat...don't ben & i look like we are eagerly anticipating our first dog-meat experience??to me, the meat tasted just like meat. nothing special. ben made some comment about it tasting like rabbit. he grew up on a farm and ate all kinds of weird things. i've never had rabbit to compare it to, but i trust his assessment. the taste was good, but the texture was a little much. the meat was very fatty and chewy, and excessively stringy. quote of the night: "are there any toothpicks in this place? i got some dog stuck in my teeth..." but seriously. it was too stringy and we were all picking dog out of our teeth for the remainder of the night.

i enjoyed the soup more than the roasted meat. mainly because the roasted meat had these pieces that looked like straight-up ears and it grossed me out. turns out, it was chunks of skin...which is no better. the roasted platter also had pieces of meat still on the bone. a little more adventurous than i was willing to be at the time. some of the guys seemed to really enjoy it, though. since we are in korea, the meal was served with plenty of accompanying vegetables...and of course, kimchi.

we had a good group of 10 that shared the experience together. here we are feasting (of course, traditional korean style: cross-legged on the floor):we couldn't let any go to waste. i was proud that we managed to pretty much clean all 3 platters...i think the general consensus at the end of the night was: we got to have the experience. now we can go on with our lives without needing another one. it definitely wasn't awful, and i know that i could do it again if i had to. but if given the choice, i'd probably take chicken or beef over dog. and no...i don't know what breed we ate. but i would imagine that they all taste pretty much the same.


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