Friday, January 22, 2010

just a few days left!
things are getting crazy now. so much to pack. so much i can't fit in my suitcase. so many people to see. my mind is spinning and my room is a mess!
alot of people have been asking me for contact info. so here it is:

skype// whcasey514
ichat// koreecase
snail mail//
Whitney Casey
Special District of International Education
Korea Nazarene University (Attn: Jenny Kim)
#117 Faith Hall (Miteumgwan)
456 Ssangyong-dong Seobukgu Cheonan City Choongnam
331 718 South Korea

i will also try to keep up the blog as faithfully as i can, so check back periodically.
here's to a very korean 2010!


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